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Terms & Conditions

​There is a no refund policy, as many of the services are started already within a 24 hour time period of the order. I will not refund for psychic work that was already started or finished. This is a spiritual service, not merchandise. I am a spiritual healthcare giver, and normal physicians do not give refunds, nor shall I. ​


2. Services are 100% Confidential and access to information can not be gained by any external party except by Releases to be signed by the client themselves electronically.


3. Energy Work will not be used in any way to inflict physical harm on any living creature in any way.


4. Services are AS listed and can not be added to except by request and by paying additional fees appropriate for the additional service.


5. Third Party Readings (readings done on someone other than yourself) are not done except in the instances of Love and Relationship Sessions, Readings or packages, Family Spiritual Counseling, and Spirit Contact only.


6. Information on this site may not be copied or sold under subject of law, and the tradename and copyright must remain on all readings distributed. If you remove them and it is discovered, it will be assumed you were using them under false pretenses and charges are to be pressed for copyright theft..


7. If you are under the age of 18 years old, you must have a parent or guardian's consent.


8. Spells being done on other parties (Example: Love) It is advised that a psychic reading be done on the party to ensure: There are no blockages such as religious ties, bad karma, generational curses, hexes, or a person standing the way. These are the only reasons a spell would not work and I can not be held accountable if the spell does not work upon refusal of the reading. Otherwise, spells are guaranteed to work.


9. If enrolling in a monthly service package, payment is due upon starting, and then billing occurs every 1st of the month thereafter if continuing services.


10. Readings and services are done by the optional methods given, such as pre-recorded video, audio, Live-Chat, or via email. The method of delivery is optional according to me, the conductor of the readings only. If you receive a reading in a form that you did not wish for, I am not responsible for a refund. I have the right to conduct business the way that is comfortable for me. ​


11. I am not responsible for any readings that you may dislike or disagree with. By purchasing, you are implying that you are placing trust in me for my professional expertise. I do not make the answers, spirit does. ​


Right to Refuse Services


11. We have the right to refuse services if we choose not to render them. Any reasons we may choose not to render services will be any of the following:


​ A.) Harassment of any kind

B.) Negativity being projected towards any member of this company

C.) If Lunajspiritual feels there is the dishonesty of any kind during the reading request or false information

D) If LunajSpiritual senses a bad outcome and does not wish to reveal the information

E.) If the client is going outside of our professional guidelines

F.) If there is a hidden agenda on the client's part.

G.) If we discover the client is underage and without consent H). If there is overbooking. Sometimes clients can be refused due to too many reservations.

I). If there were any payment issues in the past with someone, such as non-payment, and pending transactions that take too long to come through

J).if the person refuses to send in a photo within 24 hours.

K.) If the person is suspected of stealing methods and information from Lunajspiritual.

L.) If the client is going beyond the spiritual business relationship

M.) If the client is not cooperating with the service.

N.) If the client themselves is claiming to be psychic, as this can interfere with Alura's own reading. It can result in conflicting energies.

O.) If the client has already been seeing another psychic/healer and seems confused by the two different methods conducted by Lunajspritual, or the other psychic.

P.) If the client takes advantage of Lunajspiritual and her services, blackmails, or manipulates, her in any way.

Q.) If the client does not seem to resonate with the way Lunajspiritual does things, or her spiritual outlook and approach. ​


Privacy, Performance, and Payment


12. We have the right to terminate services after they have started if the client is not abiding by my terms and conditions.


13. The name Lunajspiritual is trade marked and protected by law. Her work and writings are also protected by copyright. Anyone stealing content or Impersonating her, will be prosecuted by the court of law.


14. Lunajspiritual only reads into the energy asked of her, and based on the request only. Readings will not come out accurate if false information is given. Any information obtained in the reading based on the false information presented to Lunajspiritual, will give false results. Be sure to give your correct name, and birth date, etc for accurate readings please. She can always feel when someone is being dishonest.


15. This site is monitored and tracked as are all emails sent from the "Contact " page. Any negative, slandering, or harassing emails occurring more than once from the same IP Address are directly submitted to the United States Department of Justice for review.


16. All emails sent to Lunajspiritual are private, however the contact page sends all requests inbox to the executive assistant, Amber, who may see your information based upon processing service requests.


17. Payments are due upon request. We do not accept payments that are rendered as "Pending". If you have paid out of country, or if you have made a payment that is pending , or not instant, we will have to wait until the payment goes through before we can render services to you. This is company policy. You have the right to withdraw the payment or cancel it if you do not wish to wait.


Reasons we have made this new policy are:


A. Lunajspiritual serves up to 100 people online a day. There has to be an even exchange of energy.


b. We have had others cancel their payments after services were given, in the past.


18. If a fake persona is given by the seeker, the readings will still be conducted on the person in the photograph that is given to lunajspiritual in the order form. Results will come out based on the person in that photo. ​


19. All services have had positive results. However, energy is different with each person. Spells, and Healing Sessions will work differently for everybody. They may be greater in power, for some. Or, they could be subtle for others. Due to Karma, blockages, lack of faith, or other outside psychic energy, not all services are guaranteed to work under those conditions.


​ 20. Again, Readings, and Sessions may not be shared or distributed, as this is a personal, private practice. Spirituality is sacred, and one's path has nothing to do with another's as everyone has their own personal relationship with their spiritual team. If readings are shared beyond our client/mentor relationship, I may exclude you as a client for the intrusion of privacy to others, or our personal time together. ​


21. My clients are private. People come to me for help and all of my social media sites are set up for me to engage with them, and if they run it by me first, and it is okay, they can engage with one another. Others have added my clients to their pages as a way of intention, to gain more following for themselves. If someone has invaded that private space by adding my clients or students, without first asking me, or engaging with me as well, then there is no reason for that person to be there. I may question it outside of the surface presentation, and I may delete and block parties, from my sites. ​ Courses & Coaching ​


22. If you have enrolled in a course, the log in information, and material within my courses, must not be given out. If this rule is broken, than you may be discharged from the course with payment non-refundable. ​


23. No one may interfere with my teachings, or give the courses out. Sharing of the information as long as my name is in the post with my work, that is okay and permitted. In fact, I would love to have some support. Use of my content without tag or mention will result in copyright infringement laws being applied. ​


24. Life coaching- Life coaching audios will be uploaded upon Lunajspiritual's discretion according to her schedule since she works with your spiritual guides for the advice and motivation for the student. The audios will be deleted from the client portal within 30 days after the life coaching is completed. On going coaching students who continue in enrollment may keep their files to reflect back on until they have stopped renewing their program. The audios are deleted due to managing storage on the portal's private server, and to protect LunajSpirituals wisdom and methods. ​ If you aren't experiencing the changes that you had hoped for from your coaching sessions, Lunajspiritual is not reliable had you not taken the advice. Her methods are so concrete and wise that it shows when a person has applied the wisdom. ​




25. Lunaj spiritual Services must report any harassment, cyber bullying, deformation of character, Suicidal Comments, as well as any racist, hate, gang stalking, abuse, and comments on murder and death. I report these to the NSA, and the local police department of that said individual. ​


26. Lunajspiritual, only provides Spiritual Counseling, Psychic Readings, Inspiration, Prayer, Healing Sessions, Magical Rites, Spiritual Teaching, and Life Coaching. If you have severe issues such as Mental or Emotional Illness, Terminal Illnesses, or Suicidal Idealizations, please seek medical or psychological support in those fields in addition. ​


27. I do not choose who listens to my material, or watches my content. I am not responsible for anyone who takes my content out of context and uses it for any other intention other than what it is meant for. It is meant to inspire others to live a better life, and awaken. Any use of my content to harm one's self or others, I am not responsible for. I do not condone self harm, suicide, or fanaticism. ​


28. I am not responsible for the teachings of others in my field. ​


29. I am not responsible if you take the said advice provided in your services, and are not happy with them. I am just the messenger, and you are the one who makes your own choices and decisions in your life. ​


If you are suicidal, Lunajspiritual is not specialized in this area. Please call 911, or call the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255


Basic Information



​ Psychic Services, according to the law are placed under the category of "Entertainment". By purchasing you are agreeing to these terms, and acknowledge that if you are not satisfied, I am protected under this statement. ​ ​ All content within this website, the names of my services and readings, my methods and concepts, terms, and conditions, are all property of QueenLunaj LLC, Lunaj Spiritual Services, and are protected under Trade Name and the Copyright License of this site.

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